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Excavating Sri Lanka’s Southern ports

To further conceptualise Sri Lanka’s historical connections with the rest of the world theCentral Cultural Fund (CCF) excavated the Kirinda port in Thissamaharama over the past three weeks.

Kirinda is popularly known for the Kirinda rock shelter monastery that is not so far from the port as well as the city. Legend has it that Princess Viharamahadevi landed here when she was sent out to sea as a sacrifice by her father, King Kalanithissa, as a way of repentance for killing a monk. At that time the ruler of Ruhuna, King Kavanthissa, wished the princess to be his queen that gave birth to two beautiful sons, one of which was Dutugemunu, a hero of the nation. The monastery was also a focal point during King Mahanaga’s period as rock inscriptions suggests that the King had close ties with it.

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